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F&B Rubberized, Inc.

We the largest tire recycler in New England and a prominent worldwide marine manufacturer. We create products form recycled tires.

We are proud to announce that our current reclamation program recycles up to 95% of each one of the thousands of tires processed in our facilities daily. A process that affords us the capacity to cut and package 1500 truck tires, 5000 passenger car tires and 50 earth mover tires, every day.

Our company is committed to furthering the worldwide environmental goal of source reduction and waste prevention and hopefully as a result, improve our overall national economic and environmental situation. Our entire process is both modern and safe. We have never and will never use acids, solvents or heat to convert any of our materials.

Recent Reviews:

Frank S - September 29, 2013
I just switched to F & Bs edges. A couple reasons. (1) Big difference in price for the same wear. (2) My operators like them better because they leave no windrows.The other company I was using left a wide gap in the middle. All my machines will now use their edges. Thank You Guys
Manuel Lopes - June 3, 2013
These guys are the best. Great service and they had the products that I needed... Thanks to the crew for a job well done..
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