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About Us

Founded in the early seventies, is the largest tire recycler in New England and a prominent worldwide marine manufacturer.

Our die-cut products, developed over the last twenty years, include a wide variety of items manufactured for the marine, fishing and waste industries. At F&B we're constantly researching new ways to reclaim and repurpose rubber, safer and more efficiently.

We are proud to announce that our current reclamation program recycles up to 95% of each one of the thousands of tires processed in our facilities daily. A process that affords us the capacity to cut and package 1500 truck tires, 5000 passenger car tires and 50 earth mover tires, every day.

Our company is committed to furthering the worldwide environmental goal of source reduction and waste prevention and hopefully as a result, improve our overall national economic and environmental situation. Our entire process is both modern and safe. We have never and will never use acids, solvents or heat to convert any of our materials.

Operator Scott at Casella Waste Charlestown, MA using our rubberized wear pads>