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Scrap Tires

F&B Rubberized will remove tires from your facility! Please call us for more information

45' trailers and 40-yard containers can be dropped off at your location. Please note there's a first-time only drop-off fee. Call the office when ready for a swap or pickup. Please give the dispatcher 2-3 days to schedule appointment. Extra Charge Applied When Loads Are Contaminated (Bolts, Rocks, Dirt, Oils, Etc).

Rubberized Tire Chips

1. Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)

2. Playground Surface

3. Equestrian Surface
Truck Tire Sidewalls
About: Cut from used bias truck tires. This product is mostly used for cover at landfills and farms. It is sold in bundles of 30(solid) and 35(punched) to each pallet.
Type Weight
Solid 20-25lbs
Punched 15-20lbs