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Front Pipe Bumper (Weld-On / Bolt-On)
About: Made of thick truck tire tops /treads, or OTR sidewalls. The Front Pipe bumper cushions the impact of truck to container and is virtually indestructible because of a tough, rubber and fabric combination. The Front Pipe bumper may also be bolted or welded to a surface.
4"x6" 2.5" 5lbs
5"x7" 3" 6lbs
6.5"x7" 3" 8.5lbs
8"x7" 4" 13lbs
Rubber Roll-Off Wheels
About: The principle material this product is comprised of is recycled rubber tires. Discs of 24-32 ply side-walls from off-road equipment scrap tires are the wear surface.
Steel Wheel Size Rubber Wheel Size
6"x6" 5/8"x7"
8"x8" 5/8"x9"
10"x10" 3/4"x11"
12"x12" 3/4"x13"
Notes: The discs are to be cut so that the outside diameter shall be the wear surface and an inside diameter shall fit over of a hub steel pipe. The discs are compressed onto the hub and held into place by end plates of 1/2" steel welded to the ends of the hub.

The diameter of the steel plates shall be 1" smaller than the outside diameter of the wheel.

Length: The lengths are measured from end to end. The standard lengths shall be 8", 10", 12"

Hub Size : The standard hub is made of 1-1/2" inside diameter steel pipe for use with an axle diameter of 1-3/8" to 1-7/16". Optional sizes are 1" inside diameter, used on hook lift containers and 2" inside diameter.

Designation : When specifying a wheel, the first dimension is the diameter and the last dimension is the length.

  • Made of recycled tires
  • Has the strength and sturdiness of steel without any of the damaging effects
  • Minimizes unnecessary wear to expensive floors, driveways and other surfaces
  • Acts as a bumper and shock absorber
  • Eliminates ruts and grooves which are caused by steel wheels
  • Silences noises caused by scraping
  • Helps with sideway maneuvering
Rubberized Rail Roller
About: Dampens the shock of roller-to-roller surface cont.

The Rubberized Rail Roller effectively minimizes the damage made to surfaces or expensive floors when dumping packed material. Scalping noise is also eliminated while maneuvering.
Diameter Length
6" 12"
6" 24"
8" 12"
8" 24"
Multi-Purpose Cushion Type Pad
About:This pad can be bolted or welded for your any application.

Alternate use of 2 different depth sizes will create a more cushioned effect. Standard available sizes up to 6 feet wide
Diameter Height
3" 12"
4" 12"
6" 12"
8" 12"
10" 12"
10" 12"
12" 12"

Rubberized Wear Pads - Roll over product image for details

About:Our SB-6 is ideal for Skid Steers and small Loaders in Recycling Plants. Beveled on both sides this Edge is reversible. We can accommodate any bucket width. This edge has 9? of surface wear and 2 ½? depth wear. Most sizes in stock.

The SB-6 Edge is made of Bias Ply to Eliminate Sparking.
About: Our SBR-10 can be used for Pushing, Back Blading and occasional Loading. It is beveled on each side so it can be reversed if necessary. We offer these Edges in Bias Ply and Radial.

The Bias Ply Edge is used to Eliminate Sparking.
About: Our SB-10 profile is for applications where Loading is more critical than Pushing. This model has more of a bevel than the SBR-10. These Edges come in Bias Ply and Radial.

The Bias Ply Edge is used to Eliminate Sparking.
Gorilla Edge
About: Our SBR-12, or Gorilla Edge is our new Slide Bold Edge. It's installed the same way as our other slide bolt edges. The difference is your getting 8" of wear compared to 6". That means less down time installing edges and will give you 25% more wear. These edges are built heavy duty with extra strengthened plates.

About: This is our lightest duty rubberized wear pad available.

Recommended for machines with buckets less than 6' : bobcats, sm. utility / lawn tractors. The 312 style wear pad weighs only 20lbs per foot which puts less strain on your machine and less freight costs.
Dimensions: (1.5" wear thickness), (2" overall thickness), (10" base width)
About: Medium duty wear pad which is most often used on bobcats and small loaders.

The 412 style weighs 40lbs per foot and comes in one or two pieces. All hardware is included.
Dimensions: 5" high x 14" long x 1/2" thick
About: Recommended for heavy duty applications.

Wheel loaders with a base bucket width of 96" or larger are the recommended machine types. The 618 style wear pad weighs approximately 70 lbs. per foot.
Dimensions: (4" wear thickness), (6" overall thickness), (18" base width).

Slide Bolt Related Information:
Fixed Bolt Bolt
Operator Scott at Casella Waste Charlestown, MA using our rubberized wear pads.

Grapple Pad Protectors

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